Creative Me

It never ceases to amaze me how people so easily pigeon-hole the art scene. Art was never about paintings or photos or marks on a page, art was and is meant to change how you see things. If you don’t like it, don’t get angry, just move on and find something else that may bring a new perspective to your world.

I have always been a person who looks for creativity in life, and many of the things I’ve done have changed my views and outlook on life. See what you think.

Digital Art

I first got to see what the future of computer graphics would be when I went to see the film Tron. It opened my eyes to the possibility that computers weren’t there just to play games on, they could be used to do amazing images as well. Of course, today, things are slightly different, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, computer graphics surround us.  Here you’ll find just a few of my more recent digital images I have done using an iPad and Procreate.

Vector Art

Raster graphics is one thing, but after I used Freehand on an Apple Macintosh Plus at college, I was fascinated by the way you could draw using vectors. This new and interesting method of drawing had one major advantage over the raster graphics, a complete lack of resolution. But unlike the arcade game Asteroids, with its straight lines and angles, here you could do curves with no resolution. Maths was never my strong point, but the beauty of it was you didn’t need to know anything about maths, all you needed to know was how to move a mouse and be creative. Shown here, you’ll find a selection of images I’ve done either on the Macintosh or on the iPad using Graphic.

Traditional Art

I didn’t always have computers to help me draw, but unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of original artwork left. All through my youth, including my time at College, and beyond was given over to finding new ways to be creative. I suppose in many ways, that’s why the computer was so addictive, it allowed me to experiment with little regard for the final outcome. For me that makes it a bit of a double edged sword, but you can be the judge. Most of my artwork has been lost through various moves from one property to another, so what little I have is shown here.

Photos just for fun

Photography was always interesting, even when cameras had limited shots based on the amount of film you could afford. From a human stand point there was a certain charm in analogue technology by being made to wait for the images. Most of us were like children waiting for Christmas day, when we all hoped it would bring us what we wished for.

Patience is a virtue, and whilst the world was a lot more private before digital photography, with the advent of digital it, I feel it also lost a little of its charm. Today with the deluge of images rolling on to the internet every second, we often lose sight of what is important. As if to illustrate that point, how many times did you think, ‘Did I get the shot I want, don’t worry, let’s have another crack at it.’ On the plus side, we now live in a world that is peppered with photos, so much so, future generations will not wonder what the past looked like.  Or, possibly the ephemeral nature of those images, combined with the plethora of selfies, those generations may well wonder why there were so many images of anonymous people.  Here you will find a large collection of images I have taken just for a laugh.

Photo Work

For a couple of years, I put my talents into photography. I tried to make it work, but after a while, I found it frustrating as too many people had friends with digital cameras, who would charge the ubiquitous ‘Mates Rates’, and so the work dried up.  Being better at photography than marketing, gave little comfort to those who wanted something for nothing.  I don’t look back at my decision to quit photography professionally with any kind of regret, but for me the days when anyone could make a living are past it. As a lasting memory of the images I did get, here are some of the many images I took for corporate clients.