Digital Art

Back in 1986 I had my first taste of digital art whilst using an early digital art package called Lumina Graphics from Time Arts. I’ve managed to find a small 4 minute except from Computer Chronicles from 1985, shown below where you can see it being demonstrated. By today’s standards it’s hopelessly primitive, but at the time I hoped that maybe one day I too might have something that would rival what I was able to do on Lumina. Another application that did something similar was Pluto Graphics II by IO Research, but as with Lumina, you needed several thousand pounds worth of kit to get anything useful.

Back in the 80’s it seemed like a life time away, however it wasn’t long before the Apple Mac was graced with Fractal Painter and the Amiga got Deluxe Paint. Move on a decade and that long held dream finally became a reality when Savage Interactive released Procreate for the iPad. It didn’t stop there, I soon discovered another package called iDraw, later renamed Graphic, which allowed me to get my hands dirty with vectors.

On the top right is the carousel showing a small selection of images I’ve drawn over the years. I’ve also included the video segment from 1987 showing Luminar being used on a TV program called Computer Chronicles.

Computer Chronicles – Lumina Demonstration (1987)