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It really difficult to get a range of games that others will agree are great. However on the iOS platform I have found that the majority of people like these games because they are very good at what they do. These are my favourite games on the iPad.

The Room Series

This series of puzzle games was a real surprise for me. The game play is brilliant and the graphics are top notch, giving exceptional value across the range. All 4 games build on single narrative, each one feeding off the last providing a long story that remains engaging from start to finish. The Room, The Room 2, The Room 3, The Room Old Sins.

Submerged – Miku and the Sunken City

Submerged is a game without threat. You play the part of a female protagonist who is try to save her younger brothers life. Based in a world that has been flooded, there is a desolate beauty to not only the storyline, but also the graphics. Although the controls caused some people issues, the one thing they could not argue about was the amazingly beautiful visual style that will last long after you have finished the game. Highly recommended.

Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a game that pits you against the deranged remnants of the Japanese occupation force on an island that tried a new experimental weapon. It’s a large open world with lots of enemies trying to make sure you don’t see the next day. Well worth it if you’re into survival games.

Let’s create! Pottery HD

Let’s Create! Pottery HD is an iPad game that allows you to create a multitude of pots, decorate them with handles and texture and glaze them. Very relaxing and fun to play.


Frotz is a Z-Machine interpreter, that it allows you to play old style interactive text adventures. These include the Zork series, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy, Planetfall , etc… If you have never heard of them, check this link out to find out more about them.


Morphite is an open world game of exploration, but on a galactic scale. The fresh, clean and stylish graphics hark back to a simpler era of games, that relied more on story than imagery. Still the imagery does provide a feel good factor whilst playing and makes you want to come back for more.

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes is a two player game, where one person sees the bomb on screen, whilst the other has the instruction manual. He’s the catch, neither person is allowed to see what the other is seeing. The person seeing the bomb has to relay via voice what he see’s to the person with the disposal manual, who intern relays instructions back to the person seeing the bomb. This is an AWESOME game at parties, and to see how good it is watch this.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a game where perspective is not necessarily what it initially looks like. Think of an active Escher puzzle and you’re on the right track. This game along with its sequel Monument Valley 2 make for an excellent duo of games.

Dark Echo

Dark Echo is a challenging game that uses acoustics instead of graphics to guide you through a maze. It’s not all safe though, with dangers of varying sizes that want you for lunch hiding somewhere in the maze.

Domino Drop

Domino Drop is a game I keep coming back to again and again. In many ways it is similar to Tetris in that you need to get certain blocks in certain ways, but instead of preformed shapes descending at an increasing rate, this allows you to plan how to lay the dominoes for best effect. Good graphics, adorable background music and all round fun.

AG Drive

AG Drive is no longer available on the app store, which is a real pity as it is so damn good. It’s a futuristic racing game that is highly reminiscent of wipE’out on the Sony Playstation 1, and, for those of us fortunate enough to have downloaded it we can still play it on the latest iPad Pros Fast game play and varied tracks make for an an excellent game.


Xenowerk is like similar to Alien Breed from the Amiga days. The difference here is that you’re an exterminator for an experiment that went horribly wrong. The game sets a fast pace and doesn’t let up till all the bad things have been melted, shot, electrocuted and blown up. Power ups throughout the game provide better weapons and tools to achieve your aim.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a game that has beautiful physics and effects, along with a surreal landscape. If you like the sound of breaking glass, then you’re gonna love this one. All round challenging fun, with no threat level, just a need for good timing.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is . . . well . . . strange to say the least, but lots of completely useless fun. You’re a goat in a world of weird and it’s often good for a blast now and then. As the developers said, if there are bugs that cause it to crash we’ll fix those, but if it is funny, then we’ll leave them in. Nuff Said . . .

Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount is a game that allows you to perform death defying stunts on your avatar. There’s a collection of vehicles to perform said stunts and lots of obstacles to use to make more mayhem. Included are a good selection of maps, which all make for a great game. Also from the same people is the excellent game Stair Dismount.

Silent Depth

Silent Depth is a real time simulation of life in a US WW2 submarine running missions against the Japanese. Good gameplay and easy controls make for a game that keeps me coming back for more.

Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout is a truly scary game. It involves you trying to outsmart an enemy that can use the 3 dimensional terrain, much like Alien Isolation. If tension and suspense is your thing then this is a game that will hold you very well. Good use of graphics as well as strategy make for an engaging if somewhat disconcerting experience.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a game that pits you, the Virus, against the best humanity can offer. With varying levels of play and lots of interesting scenarios, you can be the intelligence behind a virus, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting world. Superb game with mucho playability.

Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon is a remake of the original classic from the PC DOS days. I remember playing this game for many hours, with varying degrees of success against the AI players. Very faithful to the original and well worth the cost asked.

Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet is a turn based battleships strategy game. You can recreate battles or play random ones against the machine. Good graphics and solid gameplay all make for a memorable experience. They also have lite version should you wish to try it out before buying it. If this is not enough for you, try out the sister game, Pacific Fleet.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc., much like its cousin Plague Inc. provides the player with a scenario to control. In this case you job is to stop insurgents from thwarting your plans in a small country. This is a real time strategy game, that requires a great degree of 3 dimensional thinking to conquer the game, if not you’ll be playing whac a mole with the insurgents. Outstanding.

Pocket City

Pocket City is one of those games that just oozes playability. For me this is as close to simcity you get without the in-app purchases or freemium mechanics. Just one payment and then play indefinitely, an outstanding game.