It’s so easy to forget things…

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Over time I have promised to write things here on my own dimly lit corner of the web, and each time I let it slide. What with all the goings on at the museum and the plans I have, is it any wonder why I keep forgetting.

Come to think of it, I often forget to log into Facebook on a regular basis, posting maybe once a year and even then I can’t be bothered to keep any kind of dialog up. Maybe it’s something to do with the whole social media that gets me down. All this ‘look at me’ mentality that seems to be the driving force of the whole movement, the need to validation and popularity.

I wonder if that’s my problem with it. I don’t need validation, I have enough people to talk to, and what’s more I am happy with my life.

Sure I’d like my book to sell more, and sure I’d like to know how to market it better, but at the core of it all I am content. Maybe that’s why I just keep letting it slide.

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