It’s time to start again.

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I’ve been out of the writing loop for sometime, so bear with me whilst I get my fingers back in the grove. That also goes for any spelling errors, it’s the lack of practice regarding my typing, rather than my ability to spell. That said, I have to say I also haven’t felt in the mood to do any writing either. It’s strange because it’s not something I have problems doing under normal circumstances.

For a long time, when ever I wrote something it always felt like there was a person standing over my shoulder telling me the words to put down. Sometimes they made sense, other times they didn’t, but all the same it helped me get the words on the page. Also there was that therapy angle, the one that helped me sort out my life through written prose, the one that acted as a pressure release valve. So it came as a bit of a surprise that over the last 3 years , I’ve noticed that the voice hasn’t been there and it led me to wonder if it ever existed in the first place.

I guess I could always say Lockdown maybe had something to do with my inability to concentrate on writing, but that can only be blamed for the last year. So not knowing what could be the cause has somewhat allowed me to ignore the urge to write.

Then about 2 weeks ago, the characters from my book started making sounds again. It was as though they were bored and need some direction in their lives. Weird though it may sound, it got me working on the second book again.

Most problems for new authors is the complete lack of feedback about their writing. It’s great that your Mum loves it, but that can only go so far as a motivator. What is needed is either an unshakable conviction in what you’re doing, or an audience that provides valuable cues to the writing you have and will do.

In the absence of any immediate audience, and the fact that my Mum telling me that it is great, I will gladly take the characters in my book as inspiration to complete the second book.

On a closing note, the second book is complete, it just needs some landscape changes that immerse the reader more. Then when it is complete to my satisfaction, it’s off to the proof readers and then get it on Amazon Kindle.

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