Misc Apps

This covers a variety of other apps I use regularly.

Secure Note – Simple Protected Notes

Simple Notes – Simple Protected Notes is an amazing and in my view essential app that allows me to store lots of private information in a variety of folders. I went looking for this because I became increasingly frustrated with other password managers that required mountains of information followed by either a pin, fingerprint or face ID to unlock it. This app is simple and keeps all my passwords locked away and safe, whilst being easy to find when I want.


AnyFont is I think an essential app. If your bored with the fonts provided on the iPad, and yes I know that Apple have finally realised this and allow you to install fonts they choose on the App store. However this app has been allowing it for years. Using a clever mechanism, it allows you to install fonts as certificates, which is a fancy way of saying that it requires you to go to the settings app and confirm acceptance of the font.

Long Journey of Life

Long Journey of Life is a beautiful app that deals with life. The graphics are subtle but meaningful and beautiful at the same time. The game is a metaphor for our lives, and approaches the problem in a very interesting way. For anyone looking for something slightly different, this is a must install.


Codea is a programming environment that uses a version of Lua all wrapped up in a user friendly app. The in app help files are comprehensive and there are also many examples online that can help you. It has also been optimised for speed as the many examples show. Well worth the price.

Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers is a very comprehensive spreadsheet, that has had its ups and downs. Every so often Apple throw a monkey wrench into program and have to roll back after the user base gets animated. Over all the app is very useable providing all you need from a spreadsheet.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a cross platform video conferencing app that seems to be the only one I have tried that actually works. Facetime is Apple exclusive, Skype is a nightmare that does not always connect, What’s app is not obvious and other apps just didn’t work as well as Google Duo. Yes there are limits, but on a family set up this was the best option that doesn’t care what end point you use.

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is an iOS and iPadOS app that allows you to control a remote computer from your iDevice. Once the app has been installed on the remote machine, you will be able to dial in and take control of it. Exceptionally useful when you are in a location with only the iPad and you need access to your files

iZip Pro

iZip Pro is a solution to the problem of Zip files on the iPad or iPhone. The interface is somewhat convoluted, when trying to find certain things, but persevere and you will find all the options you need. Zipping multiple files is possible, but due to single file move limit placed on the OS by Apple, using the Files browser is a better option if you need more than one file zipped at a time.

Home Design 3D Gold

Home Design 3D Gold is a fantastic app for helping design you own home. It has good 3D graphic renders that give a nice feel for the interior. About a year ago they added the ability to have multi storey buildings, which, pun intended, took it to a new level. Very good and easy to use.

HP Smart

I’m not a big fan of HP, but they were the first to introduce working Airprint printers for direct use with iOS. Unfortunately HP have failed to keep up with the changes in iOS. Drivers don’t always work for printing, scanning can be temperamental and there does not seem to be any consistency with the design of the app. However, when it come to scanning with the HP Smart app, it is a damn sight easier on an iPad with this app.

MyScript Calculator

Other than being amazing to use, MyScript calculator has a very human feel to it. You can use a natural interface, in the form of either your finger or a pen to hand write the numbers and calculations on the screen. It then does the rest. No internet access is required for this to work.

Apple Keynote

Keynote is Apples version of Powerpoint, but with better transitions. Powerpoint may be the defacto standard, but it still lags when it comes to creative slides. Yes you can buy them, but Keynote comes loaded with many creative extras that leave you scratching your head when you return to Powerpoint.

Action Movie

Action Movie is a fun special effects movie app. You can either use pre recorded sequences or film them in app. You choose from a selection of fixed effects and apply them to be post processed over the video sequence you provide. The results are very good, and more importantly they’re fun.

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro is an app that allows you to do stop frame animation. The first time I saw this being used was in a school where the art teacher was allowing the students to produce a small film using various plasticine models. Excellent app, with quite a few extras.

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm Vintage Camera is not a new concept and in fact this particular app has been around in one version or another for many years. However, what it does, it does very well, with a nice interface that works on either an iPhone or iPad.


Amaziograph is a fascinating app that explores the world of repeating patterns. Easy to use and with exceptional results, I have had many an hour of fun, looking at interlocking shapes.


Flowpaper is one of those apps that you just have to play with to appreciate. If like me you like flowing lines and colour, then this app is definitely for you.

City Art – Illustrate with map

City Art – Illustrate with map is another app by the developer of Darkr. Well produced and interesting to play with it can produce some unique takes on the old city maps. Worth upgrading to the Pro version.

Triple A – Touch Visualizer

Triple A – Touch Visualizer is one of a group of visualizers from SungLab that’s really out there. They are super easy to use and provide visual feedback that 30 years ago would have been impossible. They ever come with some outstanding music.


Sculptura is a 3D sculpting and modelling app that allows the artists to create clay like models. The last time I looked this did not have a paint option built in, but as it is a sculpting engine, they might add that later.


mySymptoms Food Diary is a very useful app that can help you track down possible irritants that cause you stomach problems. Yes it requires a bit of set up, but the results will surprise you, in my case it turns out that sugar in my tea or other foods was a real irritant for my stomach. One last thing, you have to be honest with the software for it to find the problem. No honesty on your part and it might be something else that needs help.


iCircuit is a real time electronic circuit simulator. Igt uses a drag and drop interface for easy layout your schematic that can be printed after you are satisfied. There is a good selection of components at your disposal as well as the ability to measurement all inputs and outputs anywhere on the schematic. Outstanding and well supported by the Developer.


Popplet is a freeform layout program. It helps you layout your ideas in small boxes, linking them as you see fit. Think of it as a freeform mind mapping tool.

MyStuff2 Pro

MyStuff2 Pro is a database app. Even though the app is easy to use, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is not capable. It can even do barcode scanning using the camera on the device, as well as searching the old fashioned way. Complete customisation of the database, allow you great control over what is stored.

SimpleRockets 2

SimpleRockets2 is for all you frustrated rocket scientists. Maybe you can’t get to Cape Canaveral today, or your rocket has exploded unexpectedly, well never fear cos’ SimpleRockets2 is here to solve that problem. think of this Kerbel Space Program for the iPhone or iPad.

Wind Tunnel for iPad

Wind Tunnel for iPad is a 2D simulation of a wind tunnel using some pretty funky fluid dynamics. The interface is simple and has all the usual options, plus it also allows you to draw your own shapes and see how they react.

The Elements by Theodore Gray

The Elements by Theodore Gray is a superb resource if you wish to know more about what physically makes the universe. The level of detail and images all come together to help anyone who can read, understand more about the periodic table. There are also 2 other apps of equal quality by the same developer, Elements in Action and Molecules by Theodore Gray. Alternatively, get all three amazing apps for a greatly reduce cost, The Science Bundle.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2021

Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 is a compendium and encyclopedia of the human body. I am not medical expert, but after using this app I can’t help but wonder at how the human body. It is amazing to see how it all comes together. This App is a little on the expensive side, but like the Elements by Theodore Gray, it is well worth it if you like seeing how we are all put together.

Mysteries of Fractal

Mysteries of Fractal is an app that teaches you about the formula behind some Fractal images. Excellent learning app if you find the idea of Fractals fascinating.

Quick Graph

Quick Graph is a very fast graphing calculator, even on slower iPads. It can visualise a formula in either 2D or 3D, and the 3D output can be rotated on any of the 3 axis. You also have full pinch zoom controls to zero in on small details.

Powder Game

Powder Game is a fun physics simulation where you can try lots of things. For instance you can draw a picture with TNT and the blow it up, or see how things grow on water. Simple graphics, but superb fun. On slower iPads this game can crawl a bit if you have lots of particles active.

Monster Park

Monster Park is an AR app that allows you to put a variety of dinosaurs in your room. If you like dinosaurs and want to see them in your room, then this is the app for you.


SimplePlanes is a sandbox that allows you to build anything out of basic components and then see how it flies or moves. Not everything you create will fly, in fact some will just explode, but isn’t that what it’s all about

PolyFauna 2

PolyFahttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/polyfauna-2/id793263070una 2 is weird, but at the same time it is fascinating. I am still trying to figure out what it is, but flying through the weird landscape makes me want to see what’s over the horizon.

Solar Walk

Solar Walk is an amazingly simple planetarium app. The graphics are very good, and the controls are easy to use. Additionally, if you have been fascinated by the solar system and composition of planets then this app is well worth a look. Remember to look out for Solar Walk 2 as well. Please be aware these links on a Mac want to open the Mac app store, not sure why.

Atlas of World History

Atlas of World History is a fascinating insight into human history. It covers the periods from 8000 BC thru to 2016 AD, because that’s the last time the database was updated. The 350Mb database contains images and data from many sources all brought together in this one app. Exceptional reference for all those who love history.


MacTracker has been around for many years and is used by thousands of people to reference certain models of Apple hardware. It covers all the electronics Apple produced, through to the 2018 iPad Pros and is regularly updated to reflect new hardware and software.

Pythonista 3

Pythonista 3 is an app that allows you to program and run Python scripts on an iPad without an internet connection. Very good interpreter with some iPad specific extras.


HotPawBasic is a BASIC language interpreter. For all those old coders who remember the 80’s and programming your old computer, this has all the favourite commands. It’s not been updated in 3 years, but still works without problems.


cbmHandBasic, like HotPawBasic, is an interpreter that allows you to write programs in Commodore BASIC. Obviously it does not support Poke or Peek, but all other commands it faithfully reproduces. For those wanting to go the extra graphics route there is n in app purchase. Very good for using BYTE or PCW benchmarking programs against old computers from the 80’s.


iAltairHD is the iPad version of the fantastic Altair 8800 emulator. It comes with lots of preinstalled software installed on virtual disks, allowing you to try it all out. There are also some historical bot roms as well, including version of Microsoft BASIC that kick started the company back in 1977.


i41CX+ is a near perfect emulation of the HP 41CX calculator. The in-app purchase further increase the functionality. The calculator was used in many diverse environments including the space program. The app also provides access to a virtual on-screen printer.


Mininigma is an emulation of the famous WW2 German Enigma. It has support for several models including the Army and Navy versions. Very good graphics and sound.