I’m not all about the writing, art, music and museum, sometimes I do other things instead. Please excuse the bland nature of this page, I will address this in a coming update, sometime . . .

For a long time I have thought that some of my opinions might be of value to others. So rather than foist them on people, I have decided to put them in pages, so you, as the reader can decide how much you want to view.

If I’m not writing, drawing or chilling and laughing with my partner, I tend to mess around with various iPad apps, click here to find out which ones I like using.

I have also recorded some sound files from around the museum, get to them here.

I have created a couple of fonts, one of which is available here.

Or you could try improving the python cipher program I wrote here.

And finally, in my spare time, I’ve did a couple of videos, view them here.