Pandora Paradox

It was once said that those whom the Gods destroy, they first send mad. In retrospect, we should have seen the madness coming. Our dichotomy lay between two extremes of an as yet undecided future. All the signs were there, we just chose to ignore them and the technology we thought would save us, was an illusion. When that illusion collided with reality on a sunny August morning, it forced open Pandora’s Jar and changed everything.

Until that moment, life in the mid 21st century Australia was normal and every day seemingly just like the rest.  This was a future powered by silicon and science, continually driving us ever deeper down the rabbit hole.  Humanity set the pace, it set the direction and never stopped to look back.  Seemingly out of nowhere, a tiny event would shape the future of the human race, and ultimately begin a nightmare that seemed to have no end. 

We’d built a house of straw, one that soon began to burn, turning our glorious dream into a nightmare and ultimately to conflict and ash.  Humanity had picked the wrong fight, one it could never hope to win and yet out of the remnants of a once golden age, and with a little nudge from the future, two leaders from dying worlds would take humanity to hell, but only one would bring them back.

The future does indeed have a plan for the past.

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The Pandora Paradox
PDF Page size – 6″ x 9″
Length – 564 pages