Phoenix Ascending

One always meets destiny on the road you take to avoid it.

The past is a funny thing, just when you think you know how it happened, you discover something new that changes everything. And that’s how it was for so called civilised society. They had no idea that the seeds of their own demise had already been planted 200 years previous, lying dormant till activated on that fateful day in mid August 2050.

With a future path firmly set, the majority of humanity will fall with a system they placed so firmly on a pedestal. No one will be immune and no one will be prepared for what happens. Those who survive soon find themselves caught up in a world controlled by a cold emotionless AI that has just one thing on it’s mind, how to make the perfect society.

However, a disparate collection of seemingly unrelated human and AI refugees find themselves inexorably drawn to a small but extremely isolated location outside Melbourne Australia. Within this sanctuary humans and AI help each other recover from the recent horrors that have destroyed everything they knew.

As the dust settles a few begin to ask questions, but what they find out forces them to question everything they believe in.