To Fly Beyond the Horizon and Other Poems of the Heart

Over the years, I’ve written many poems that were highly reflective of my emotional states at the time. I even wrote a poem for my Grandfather’s funeral, because I was in the mood. Please do not take them as some kind of vindication or permanent world view, they are what they are. If in anyway they’ve had a positive effect on you, then I’m glad to have helped in some small way. If you don’t like them, then that’s fine as well, after all art is what we make of it.

Poems 39 and 41 are very similar. Poem 39 was for my Grandfathers funeral, and with a few modifications poem 41 was my Nan’s funeral.

At a later date, I’ll be adding some artwork to this page as an addendum to the poems. In the meantime, here for your reading pleasure are a selection of 44 of my poems.

1 – The Journey

The expanse, the space from within,
Contradictory forces that control your soul,
Thoughts that form on the knife edge of sanity,
Desires that form fleetingly as glimpses in your mind.

Within each one of us, is a truth we most desire,
In each one of us, we will find all our answers,
It merges with the logic in your mind,
And clashes with the desires of your heart.

In our immortal constant, we always search,
To feed our experiences and our mortality,
It contains our sorrows when others leave,
Whilst lifting us up so we will truly ascend,

Conflict is part of our life,
Choices made outside of our control lead us on a merry dance,
The journey that never ends and we will never stop looking,
And choices we make help us grow within.

The purpose of our journey is not to end.

2 – The future is what you make of it…

I looked to the future,
But what I sought was elusive,
Never quite within reach,
Always past the next hurdle,
Always the promise of a new start.

I looked at my past,
At the wreckage that I had left,
At all the broken promises,
And all the dreams that had washed up on many distant shores,
igniting someone else’s imagination.

I looked within and saw my potential,
The hopes and fears all laid out for me to see,
My future was there,
Glimmering and shimmering,
Like diamond on a sandy shore,
Waiting to be discovered before being covered by the tide.

Out of my gloom,
Comes my realisation that everything is within my grasp,
Of the feeling that all I need to do is ask,
For something that is familiar,
For something that helps me up,
For something that I already have.

Getting from here to there is easy,
Doing it in style takes thought,
But getting there feeling like I’ve done something worthy,
Is the whole point of the personal journey,
Of seeing what I need and want,
And reaching out to grasp it with integrity.

3 – Angel of Love

The clouds in the sky drifted lazily by,
Sun drenched beaches beckon,
The sea with its myriad blues invited you to frolic,
But all the time you could not take your mind off her face.

Those eyes looked at you with the intensity of the stars,
In that look she carried more than the promise of desire,
Her hair flicked in the cool evening breeze,
Your will melts at the thought of her touch.

The memories of her perfume drift through your mind,
Washing over your senses like an angel in full flight,
Stoking your desires and lighting your passions,
Bringing out the best within you without words.

Her gossamer like touch fleeting in form,
The wisp like nature as she traces her way round you,
Then without warning she is gone, moving on to the next person,
Enticing them with the magic that holds you in her spell.

Fireflies light the way as she moves through the world,
Some call her love, some call her desire,
But most of all she is everything you need, but never find,
She is the soul of love and the heart of desire.

4 – Essence

Angels fly on the beams of light,
God is within all of us,
We need to sing,
We need to be one,
One within the whole.

The whole is never complete,
It lives in each one of us,
As we live within it,
It guides our actions,
Just as we live for it.

Within each one of us we have the word,
The hope and the life,
Promise and hope are closer than you think,
If it tapped on your shoulder and said hello,
Would you know what to do?

Life is a surprise that we must all traverse,
It is something that is to be cherished and loved,
Lived and experienced,
Wanting for nothing and yet wanting all everything,
Living and loving are what makes it fun.

The life that you lead is nothing but the way you are,
Mistakes made this time around are paid for in the next,
Lives cross and miss,
Like things that have yet to be seen,
Many things will happen that are magic,
And many things will happen that are static.

In the end of the life,
You will judge what you have done,
Maybe you will need to run the game again,
Whatever you do,
The choice is made before you hit the button marked GO,
Then you will slide through this strange existence we all call life.

5 – Lost in the dream of the moment

We fall for the dream of hopes and desires,
For in desire we find love and in love we find hope,
To spark the dreams, that connects all that is personal,
within your heart, you life and your soul.

A single point in search of a dream,
A moment to change,
To look outside or look within,
Look through desires or look through the eyes of sin.

The seconds on a clock, that move on by,
Segments of a life, sliced and dry,
It’s order within chaos and tangled in time,
It remains within us, as memories and rhyme.

Grasping at colours, at shapes and forms,
Scratching out names on the surface of the sun,
Lighting the way for those that will gone,
Hearing past names of those that have yet to come.

Out of the smoke the mirrors reflect,
Our lives are on show for all to see,
Its web catches memories and fragments of all,
Driving your desires to open your soul.

Choose to believe or deceive,
Make good or turn tricks,
Live your destiny or fight the path,
Your choice to understand or turn on a hand.

Life is what you make it,
Take a risk or play it safe,
Design your future on the flip of a coin,
Chaos or order, it’s all the same.

How you live is important to you,
How others see you is also too,
Live your life, it’s your you see,
Choose you path, be risk or free.

Blinded by order, freed by chaos,
Life within life,
Darkness within light,
Choose your path and live life to be free,
Then follow your heart and let your brain find the path.

6 – The Dawn is Alive

The night is ending,
And I see the first rays of light,
As the stars recede, and the night begins to sleep,
The delicate pinks form and glow,
With orange hues that soon follow.

The city below starts to stir,
Its heartbeat growing and growing,
In the ether hanging above an energy is building,
The light grows stronger,
And bursting forth the first brilliant ray of morning is seen.

The sky turns from pink to light blue,
The heart beat is stronger,
The city is moving,
Its life is something to feel,
The undercurrents of energy.

Street lights are going cold as their embers fade fast,
The traffic is building and starting to move,
And then as quickly as it started, the moment passes,
As the dawn hands over to a new day,
The torch is given to the sun and the morning has arrived.

7 – Precious Moments

A single moment within a single sound,
A drop of water held in your hand,
A glint of light within a grain of sand,
A leaf frozen in mid flight to the ground,
Silence or noise, things happen without a plan,
Missing the simple things hidden in plain view.

Look behind your eyes to see between the lines,
The edge of reality is often right before you,
Hidden in the maze of technology and wonder,
Believe in yourself and everything is within your grasp,
Believe in nothing and gain nothing in return,
Gone are the days when anything seemed possible.

The world is just the beginning never the end,
Everyone has a story to tell about themselves,
For some life holds a future, for others just an end,
Never let it be said that no-one is important,
Never let it be said that no-one is needed,
Always believe, always remember, always……

We live out our lives like a delicate flower,
Young souls, greedy with lust and no responsibility,
Take without asking, take without caring,
Only to understand when things go awry,
When the end seems so sure, when they can’t escape,
Trying to break away from their nemesis, the one they most fear,
The one who holds the answers, the one they see in the mirror.

Older souls travel with experience and understanding,
Showing forgiveness, love and responsibility,
Giving those around the surety they seek,
In a world that seems so precarious,
Helping those around to figure out the answers.

Answers they so desperately seek,
Helping them understand that the more they try,
The harder it is to see, looking for what they already know,
Always just out of reach of those who,
Trying to solve the problem, never reach the peak.

As we travel this strange adventure called life,
We learn, We grow, We love, We care, We create, We see,
As each cycle completes we learn to accept the inevitable,
Life goes on, a never ending cycle, a never ending adventure,
You will grow, you will learn and you will move on,
Help those who believe they cannot, and you will have your answers.

8 – Dance of Life

The night is alive and the moon shines from up high,
We dance through the woods with childish joy,
The trees are our instruments, the wind our carriage,
Welcome to the land of the Midnight Sun.

From the smallest pine to the mightiest oak,
From the tiniest insects to the largest mammals,
Everything has a purpose in the great scheme of life,
Here in the land of the Midnight Sun.

Look at the wonders and behold the magic that enters and evolves,
Everything it touches is greater than the sum of the parts,
See the magic as though you were a new born child,
Something special happens in the land of the Midnight Sun.

And when a child is born you will hear the world shed a tear of joy,
When those dearest to us pass on to become part of the past,
Magic carries them away on the wind of desire and joy,
There is always enchantment in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

9 – Eyes of Desire

Look within the eyes,
They hold the secrets we most desire,
They hold the answers you want to hear,
The eyes show the true person.

If a picture is a thousand words,
Then a look can be a lifetime,
Deep pools of desire, wonder and compassion,
A look can say it all, but it can also fail to say.

To those who see the inner self,
They want for nothing,
But desire for everything,
High on love that only truth can provide.

10 – The Beat of Life

Close your eyes and listen to the beat of your heart,
Do we hear the noise or do we feel the potential within,
Do you hear the rush of your blood or the rush of your desire,
These are some of the things that guide us through life.

Do you feel the need but fail to take the lead,
Never sure if failure is within your grasp,
Not sure if this is what you want,
Never taking the chance to lead on.

Nothing is simple or you we believe,
It often has what you need but lacks what you think,
The changing facets of your life can amuse you without pain,
But a chance missed is a tear gained.

Life is a risk waiting to happen,
Seize the moment and run with the wind,
The time has never been more right,
You’ll never regret what you did,
Just what you failed to get right.

11 – Light

We bathe in a sea of light,
From radios to televisions, from light to sound,
It radiates around us, through us, out of us,
You hear, see and experience it all the time.

Walk slowly through an ocean of colour,
Absorbing, reflecting, touching, radiating,
See the colours as they dance across your eye,
Caress them as they fall within your reach.

All the time you want more,
Look at the memories you have,
Wonder at the many things you have seen,
This is the world you live in, cherish the moment.

12 – Heart’s Desire

I feel the beat of life,
It grows stronger with each breath I take,
The sunshine playing across my face,
Its light is a rhythm synchronised with my heart,
I look out the window at the clouds below,
My life soars as I fly to a far off land.

They say on clear day you can see forever,
But here in the tranquil sky I feel more free than ever before,
I let my thoughts drift through my open mind,
Washing up on some distant sandy shore,
Life is sweet like a dew drop on the summer morn.

Drown in the emotions of life,
Drunk with the desire for the moment,
Spontaneity, impulses, desires, emotions,
They all mix in the melting pot of discovery,
Cherish the memories that will live with you forever.

13 – Watch The Day

Watch your day,
Wasting away,
Where does it go,
Nobody knows.

Where does it go,
When it gets where it is going,
Does it get framed like a picture on the wall,
Or does it stagnate like dust in a hall.

Are you one who looks back in fondness for the past that never was,
Wishing away the present in trips down memory lane,
Seeing only loved ones lost in the memories past,
Not aware of those around you in the dreams of once again.

Only seeing the future through the rosy yesteryear,
Losing sight of everything that once you held so dear,
The past holds nothing but reflections of a bigoted past,
Happy times and dreams that will not last.

So beware the dreamer,
When you wake up one day and find,
That when it really matters,
no-one’s left to care.

14 – The Shoreline

Looking along the shore,
Whilst the waves wash upon my feet,
And the breeze carries the promise,
Of love on it’s cool breath.

I Walk along the sand towards the setting sun,
And waiting in the distance I see her,
The one from my dreams,
The one I knew would be there.

As I get close,
I see the sun shimmer in her hair,
The breeze move it slightly,
Then she smiles and I feel my heart lift,
All is well and as it should be.

I stand in front of her,
Transfixed in perfection,
A moment of clarity and purity,
And then it’s gone,
We are together . . . we are one again.

15 – The Sound of…

Listen to the waves,
Let them drift on by,
Listen to the seagulls,
There they fly.

Listen to the world,
It’s natural sound,
Of constant change,
That follows us round.

Listen to this,
For soon it will be gone,
Life is for living,
So love it and run.

16 – Waiting

The heat haze distorted the distance,
Whilst seagulls lazily dived for their shadows.

I looked,
But couldn’t see what was keeping me,
I hoped it would not be late,
but who am I to question integrity.

The wind caught the dust,
Sending it off into the distance,
Distorting it.

Windows sparkled like diamonds in a bright sea of light,
And smoke rose and danced in the wind,
And all of this happened while I was waiting.

Looking around at the dilapidated buildings,
Thoughts crossing my mind,
Do they really care?

Whilst keeping me waiting,
While all the passengers stand and stare,
at nothing,
Are they really there,
Or just figments of my imagination.

I waited,
having played this game quite often,
I knew what to expect.

Finally a loud, disembodied voice boomed across the station,
‘The ten past three train to London Waterloo will be late,
we regret having delayed anybody, this is unavoidable due…….’

I’d heard it all before,
And I still waited.

17 – Phones

The phone is such a simple concept,
It makes it possible to talk to the air,
As though virtually speaking someone was actually there,
Maybe they need to provide you with a virtual chair.

Talk Talk blah blah, everyone has something to say,
Not everyone is interested in what we had for breakfast today,
The night will change nothing,
The conversations will continue,
Abated only by the lack of charge,
Credit or things to waffle on without delay.

Pity the poor man who refuses to sign the contract,
He won’t be able to play the talk talk blah blah game,
This nickel and dime story,
We all sign away ourself dignity to play,
Hoping that those on the other end will want to stay.

Listen to the tune, become lost in the sound,
Dance to the song of technology and move with the electric flow
Answer the call and become part of the game,
Everyone’s a winner, when you play the talk talk blah blah game.

Time is money to the impatient man,
But patience is needed when waiting in line,
For the persistence monster to eat up your time,
While you wait for the other players to answer the call.

18 – Lost Feelings

Desire without direction is worse than love without a target.
Unguided and helpless like a child,
Looking for a home that fits with the need,
Lost within the feelings that are held within.

19 – Modern Senses

As we move into the future,
We will see less and look more,
Hearing without listening,
Wanting without need.

The more we want the less we need,
We touch more and feel less,
Holding more and keeping less,
Wanting so much but not knowing what.

We love without emotion and we hate without reason,
The more we look for happiness the more we find emptiness,
The more you seek the less you will find,
All the answers are in front of you,
Within you,
all you have to do is ask.

20 – In your Heart

The heart is special,
But the soul is eternal,
The mind is in control,
The body has life, and contains the soul,
Blinding our inner sight from seeing the light.

The sun warms your body,
Your heart and your soul,
Light streams into the depths,
Allows you to see,
Sleep no more, live with the truth.

We are more than the sum of our parts we can see,
We are more than the parts that add up to the sum,
Nothing is left but the memories of us,
Held in the heart of those we loved and desired,
In time everyone will make the journey,
Helped by the love of those that went before.

21 – Technological Void

The technology that runs with us,
Is sometimes the reason for our downfall.

Does it liberate or incarcerate your passions?

Most of us will be blinding ourselves to the slavery,
that is just over the horizon.

Magic trinkets hold, spellbound and to ransom,
Distracting us from the more important things,
And with all the warnings we so often ignore,
Is it too late, or have we conned ourselves of this addiction,
That’s far too great.

Whilst computers add up, everything looks great,
When the subtract, it’s still not too late,
But when the technological snake takes you on a slide,
Down a chaotic ride of twists and turns,
you may wonder where it all went wrong.

Simple answers will tell you the simple truths,
Like warnings of self inflicted doom,
What has gone can never to be undone
Time is not ours to turn, but turn us it does.

When the warning has passed,
And the technology is now your master,
You’ll service the machine and ask what went wrong.

Can we learn from out mistakes,
Or are we doomed to fail,
Has the storm been or is this the calm,
What could you do to see the world in the eyes it needs to be.
Not as Master but as Servant.

22 – Petrol Memories…

The smell of petrol,
Pungent and sharp,
Reminds me of the airport,
Of journeys a new,
Of places to visit, people to see,
Of things to do and memories too.

The smell of petrol in the morning,
Is an odd kind of thing,
It drifts in on the breeze,
Like an unwelcome guest,
It comes without warning,
And settles itself down without asking you.

And before you know it,
There is nothing there,
But the memories that were evoked,
Of places to visit, people to see,
Of things to do and memories too.

23 – Fast Pace

The fast pace of life is often missed,
for the excitement of the here and now,
The time we take to look within reduces each time we pass it by,
As we move through time from second to second,
We march on an eternal quest for the instant that lasts forever.

In each teardrop is a lifetime that leaves us be,
Followed by another as it rolls down your cheek,
Our fantasies and desires that make up our dreams,
Will all fade over time,
Taken from us without force,
without knowledge or conscious thought,
As we move on to the next,
Hoping it will transport us back to our dreams.

The line between dreams and reality is all too fine,
In the blink of an eye or a sleeping dream it has moved on,
The difference can be hard to see but there for all to comprehend,
Open your mind,
Close your eyes and let the rush take you where you must go.

As we make our final journey,
We wonder what has become of our dreams,
Our aspirations that led us astray,
In an ever changing sea of wonder,
Always hoping we might find the key,
To unlock our hearts and let them free.

To fly on the wings of desire as may be.

24 – Lost & Found

The countryside goes flashing by,
As I watch with saddened eye,
Knowing it may never again be,
The same as that which I now see.

Rape of the countryside is beauty denied,
When soulless metal and gleaming glass,
Replace dappled shadows and beating hearts.

In the name of Progress,
Is it retreat or advance,
Twinned with Technology,
Do we have a chance,
Of creating a wondrous yesterday world,
Fashioned from Tomorrow’s dreams unfurled.

We know how to deal with the nightmare,
Remember we only have to care,
But is the price of freedom far too high,
And why does compassion rarely has a say,
And although some of us are willing to pay,
Before it’s too late and we rue the day.
Then, I wonder, will we ever learn to cry,
For all the beauty we have denied.

But some day soon there will come a day
We’ll see the light, we’ll know the way
For that is when the Human Race,
Will finally show its Human Face.

Then we’ll leave this place without a trace,
Of regret or saddened face,
for the shells we’ve left behind
Sailing the stream of starlight,
Where we’ll truly know the meaning of life.

25 – Time is the enemy of the dreamer

Waiting for the world to turn,
Waiting for the job to arrive,
Waiting for the sun to rise,
Waiting for the night to arrive,
Waiting . . . Waiting . . . Waiting,
It’s always waiting.

Time is the enemy with which we fight,
Time is the friend which will delight,
Yet Time waits for no one,
Mother of our passions and father of our fears,
Time ticks, time tocks, time passes us by,
Like passengers travelling the highways and byways of life
Tick . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tick

When you wait for something,
You kill a little bit more of yourself,
Dream-stealers will always say,
“Maybe you should wait and see, maybe . . . another day”,
What happened to the desire in your heart,
Did you wait and watch as it drifted apart,
Spreading into the distance,
Until you lose all power and resistance,
Until you resign yourself,
Tick . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tick

Ideas form and dissipate,
Dreams can nourish and grow,
Knowledge and power controls the flow,
People always destroy what they fear,
Communication is often misunderstood,
We are told to believe that Time is immutable and steady,
Waiting is the friend of those in power,
Forcing itself on others in the hope it destroys their moment,
Whilst controlling the flow of creativity,
And destroying the desire that ignites change,
Destroying the dreams of those who dare,
Tick . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tick

Every so often a Dream will come,
Its idea will flicker with a glimmer of hope,
Like a candle in a field of thoughts,
Then Dream-stealers will descend,
On dark wings of despair,
Putting out the flame of desire and hope,
Igniting in its place a plaguing force,
Bringing forth a desire of depression,
Of self-pity and hate,
TICK . . . TOCK . . . TICK . . . TOCK

But once in a while, a person will dream,
A dream of such clarity, such hope, such joy,
With vivid colours and ideas that flow,
Unable to be extinguished,
Bringing things that don’t die,
Ideas so bright, they bring hopes and desire,
Nourishing the surrounding mind with hopes of such magnitude,
Desires to satiate that cannot be quelled without completion,
And in the back of your mind you hear these two words,
Stronger than any others.

And as you rise and soar to heights anew,
Flying past Dream-Stealers looking to subdue,
The waiting continues for all those below,
Incessant and constant it never stops or slows.
TICK . . . TOCK . . . TICK . . . TOCK

26 – Laughter

Yellow Canaries, clowns and banana skins,
All conspire to make you giggle at them,
The laughter is not directed at you,
But for you to laugh with.

The mind is a strange place, many feelings of sorrow and joy,
But the spontaneous feelings that gang up on you,
Will make you laugh, giggle and cry,
From the hidden pleasures of the mind.

You see the silly things, hear something stupid,
A feeling from within makes you lose control,
Happiness is a drug and you have become the number one addict,
As if to reiterate the point you start to smile.

Laughter catches you on its gossamer wings,
Like a lover in the night,
It will carry you from happiness to joy,
But at the end of the night it will leave you feeling empty.

And when the party has finished,
You will have your memories, the laughter, the joy and the tears,
You will be happy and like any addict,
You’ll be waiting for your next fix.

27 – Promise

The promise that you made to yourself,
The life that you thought would be yours,
The name of those that make the journey with you,
Did you promise them something for the company they provide.

With each new connection, with each new relationship,
We grow and learn, it helps us to become who we are,
We feel our way, blind from birth, helpless without our parents,
When we fly to the sky, we release the energy to those all around.

28 – In the mirrors of our mind.

In the mirrors of our mind,
We fail to see ourselves for what we are,
Our past reflections projected into the future,
An illusion created to help us deal with the mistakes of the past.

Look beyond the boundaries of your spirit,
To the event horizon between the lives that we lead,
All your dreams, your hopes and possibilities,
They live and die with each tear that escapes from your soul.

Deep beneath the turbulent surface,
Lies the true nature of your life,
In chaotic order you live from past to present,
The good and evil that balances to make you complete.

As your soul fights with you spirit for control of your life,
You watch helplessly from the sidelines as time passes by,
The chance to change has gone,
But the opportunity to transform has yet to happen,
Live for the moment that has yet to be born.

29 – Dearest

We often lose what we take for granted,
A relationship that slips into the free-fall of despair,
A marriage that slips on the thin ice of life,
But most of all we miss those we can’t turn to anymore.

Lost friends and family that have moved on,
As if they left without saying goodbye,
Do we have ourselves to blame,
The guilt that we ride for the time it takes to heal.

Everyone has the chance to say goodbye,
It just takes a moment to do,
Maybe it was that look before you left or it could have been that touch,
Whatever you had, dwell on this and move on.

When the time has come for you to say goodbye,
With a look, with the touch, accept that your time has come,
Move on in the knowledge that those you have left,
Have also said goodbye.

30 – Look Back

Feel the wind and touch the sky,
Its cyans and blues pass through your mind,
Wonder at the smallest detail, marvel at the largest thought,
Look at the world with the eyes of a new born,
Living through the mind of a child.

Simple things are not always needed,
We may yearn to look back in time,
Periods in our life we glossed over,
Now we can reconsider in greater detail,
Looking through the eyes of a child.

Subtle detail we never saw before,
Passed us by like a thief in the night,
Unseen and unknown feelings passed that way too,
Ignorance of the facts that could show us the way,
If only we listened with the ears of a child.

Within the childish heart,
There lies the answer we all seek,
Through the senses of an adult it leaves us empty,
And as adults we seek the meaning in everything,
But when all else fails,
We can touch the dream with the hands of a child.

31 – Deep Emotion

When the heart is lost and in despair,
When the soul is lost without a care,
When the mind dictates what you should do,
When the brain rules the day,
Look within yourself and see the truth.

It sometimes hurts to see what we can do,
It sometimes makes us ask what life is all about,
When things seem lost,
When things seem down,
The sun within your soul will light the way.

At every moment in your life,
At every moment in your despair,
The truth is hard to see and accept,
You will fail to see that which makes perfect sense,
That which will set you free.

32 – Dream-Stealers

The Candle flickers in the cool breeze,
The darkness of the room surrounds me,
I find peace and solitude from the world,
Its desires and demands drain me,
I need respite from the constant stimulus.

I look into the flame and surround myself,
Wanting for nothing and wanting for everything,
In my mind the warmth surrounds me,
So many people need for nothing,
Yet so many want for so much more.

We learn more but know less,
Everyday is a quest for more,
Nothing seems to satiate the desire,
A never ending quest for nothing,
Knowledge for its own sake is such a waste.

Talent is often squandered on searching for the unattainable,
No goal and no desire to wait and watch,
Everyone is rushing but no-one is watching,
In the ever accelerating race to profits,
At the expense of space is such a tragedy.

Take some time off and watch the world at play,
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy don’t you see,
The world is here for us to enjoy,
Not destroy in the constant search for one more desire,
We need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

When all is done and when we have achieved what we need to do,
Step back and admire all the things you have done,
Wonder at the world and all it has to offer,
It doesn’t matter if it is not finished and still has work to be done,
Just as long as the thought is complete.

The world is full of wonder and things so magical,
People die and are born everyday of your life,
Life has a cycle and we are part of it,
All you achieve and all you don’t, will pass on to another place,
These are the parts of your life,
Live with them, not for them.

As we move towards the end of the beginning,
We reflect on what has gone,
We choose to make something new or maybe not,
Whatever choice you make needs to be done next,
Make the right choice for the right reasons and stay the course,
Never letting the dream-stealers make your choice.

33 – Reflections

Look into the pool,
See the reflection and how it feels,
What do you think?
What does it see?
How could you make the change.

Do you think they sees you,
Looking back into the depths of your soul,
Waiting for you to answer,
Beckoning you to make the first move,
See you want for something more.

Ask yourself what do they want,
Maybe it is the same as you,
What is it that they need?
What is it you want to give them?
How will it feel?

That person is not you,
Are they there in the water or are they your mind,
Scared of the answer you drop a pebble in the water,
Ripples scatter your image like thoughts flowing through your mind,
Quickly scattering out to the edge of reason.

Slowly, as the image returns,
The clarity of thought is finally there,
The hope is new, the change is done,
It is the same, but you knew nothing would happen,
What would you do if the image was looking down at you?

34 – Life and all its lessons

Hope within each of us and hope for all people,
Hope for the future born from the past,
Hope for our children that they might surpass us,
Hope for the things we shall do for the rest.

We live within thought that runs within time,
We live for the moment from deep in our soul,
We can’t see the love that is deep within us all,
We don’t want to tread too lightly least we fall.

Something is moving and something is still,
Something is born whilst something is dying,
The cycle of life turns on us all,
The cycle of life leaves us all behind.

The night is dawning and the morning has set,
The light in the darkness is shining through,
Guiding us out of the despair we feel,
Guiding us to the forgiving soul.

Time is moving and waiting for us all,
Time sets your pace, your bounds and all,
Time is your nemesis that knows nothing of you.
Time will guide you effortlessly through,
This thing we call life, experiences and all.

The soul is living and breathing within,
Each one of us has to find what meanings we need,
Invisible forces guide us to the point of ascension,
We must evolve and learn to reach this plateau.

Only through learning our limits can we ascend,
Only through the use of limits can we know where to aim,
Only through the losses can we know what we have to change,
Only through life can you learn the lessons needed to move on.

Move on and leave the past,
Learn from it and make your peace,
Find the bounds that define who you are,
Learn to accept the limits of your soul.

34 – Cycle of Emotions

Shadows claw at my life,
Closing in all around me,
Obscuring my view,
Making me lose emotional consciousness,
Claustrophobic passions embrace me,
Thoughts too dark to see haunt me,
Will it ever end?
Or will I drift like seeds in the endless universe of life,
I feel lost forever without hope,
Like a boat burning on the water.

My journey is nearing its end,
It is sometimes hard to see what is in front of us,
Sorrows abound in everything we contemplate,
Covering the passion that is always there,
Just shrouded from view,
The life you wanted is never the one you get,
Often confused with the labyrinthine maze,
Euphemistically called living.

I call to the spirit that makes me complete,
Light the way and help me to see what I need,
Depression will be extinguished from the inside,
Pills and potions will only darken the path and numb the senses,
The spirit and the soul need kindred companionship to feel complete.

When all hope seems dashed on the rocks of despair,
Open your soul to the light that shines within,
Vicarious passions often lie, deceiving you with illusions,
Only truth from within will give you the meaning,
When you answer the riddle of the moment,
You open the door to the future.

It starts with a gesture, a simple feeling,
Within each one of us is the potential for it to grow,
And then hope returns as the life force beats with renewed tempo,
Spelling out our hidden desires,
The light returns to your soul and satiates your desire,
The journey has started again, you feel renewed.

35 – Reflection on Loss

During our lives we laugh and cry,
We get angry and never know why,
When death takes its hold we see an end,
Challenging all that seems permanent and unending,
They move on and leave us without warning,
And when it is all over, one question remains,
Why are we crying for ourselves and who are the tears for?

We have a choice to make,
And in all the confusion that often abounds,
Our emotions take over and lead us around,
But when its all over and they left and moved on,
Leaving a void that was once filled and is now cold,
It is then that we must accept that things have now changed,
It’s moved full circle, and will start once again.

Now reflect on their life,
that once changed yours,
It lit up your soul,
It showed you the way, helping you along,
And with their passing they took some of you,
But in return they gave so much more.

Remember the person, not parts but the whole,
Remember the warmth, the smiles and all,
It is often the way that many choose to forget,
It’s better to smile and forget,
Than hold in the sorrow that causes us grief.

Deep inside each one of us,
It is time to reflect on ourself,
Long term grief gauges your unsaid words and deeds,
When their end has come, make your peace and then move on,
If we choose to live with regret,
Then inside each one of us they can never move on.

36 – Illusions of Death

On Gossamer wings I was carried flying high above the trees,
I left the shore and headed over the open seas,
To a far off place where emotions ruled with intensity,
A place were everything has a meaning and nothing is forgotten,
Always safe in the knowledge that your centre was complete.

Settling down into the rhythm of being and understanding,
I feel all those around me reaching out to touch the void,
The emptiness that is my mind as a new born before the world,
The connections charged and snaked across the endless distance,
From nowhere I felt the consciousness reaching out to me.

Like the calm before the storm,
I feel that my mind is not quite there,
Have I been accepted or will I be rejected,
This new existence mirrors my life in so many ways,
It brings me to the fore and helps me understand,
That everything happens when it does, but not for the reasons I believe it should.

I feel the warmth of those around me,
My fears dissolve,
As forgiveness and love resolve my fears of loss
Now the connections are coming thick and fast,
I have nothing left to solve,
Sliding through my memories,
They give way to emotions locked up tight,
I am overcome with shock,
As a thousand moments collide,
Like millions of raindrops on the surface of the sea.

I hear the clock,
Like rain beating in time to the rush of my heart,
The beat is a memory of what has been,
It reminds us all that we live from moment to moment,
In a linear existence almost heaven sent,
In the end we play our part like actors on the stage of life.
Bowing out at the end when the curtains fall.

37 – Crosswinds of the soul

The crosswinds of destiny,
The trade-winds of fate,
Like ships in the night,
They pass us by,
Taking the message,
Of freedom and life.

The crosswinds that take us,
On journeys afar,
Will shape your life permanently,
With experiences to view,
In the years of your life,
That have yet to be new.

The crosswinds will take you,
On the final journey of life,
To renew the cycle,
And bring about change,
To ride your future,
In golden dreams on gossamer wings,
It helps us rest in readiness for our long deep sleep.

38 – Death Becomes Me

The end is near I feel the cold fist of destiny creep,
I have been invited to take the final journey,
And as I look back on my life I let go of the regret,
I bless those left behind as I move into the darkness.

I feel the memories slipping from me as I pass through the gate,
The veils across my eyes drop to the ground,
I feel the beat of life as it draws me onward,
The tunnel of light brightens as I’m reborn.

39 – Mourn not for Me

Mourn not for me,
For I have left for a better place,
Comfort those that feel the loss,
Show them the good that was in each one of us.

My suffering is over,
My pain has all gone,
I rest in a better place,
Moving without moving,
Thinking without thought.

I live again,
both in spirit and your heart,
Always remembered is never forgotten,
Always close but never near,
Always seen in the drop of a tear.

I lived close to those dearest to me,
Now I live with the one I wanted to see,
The one who left me all alone for a while,
I am with them now, complete and at peace,
I live again.

And as the years move on for yourself and your friends,
Remember me now as I once was,
I shall live in your hearts and your memories of me,
I shall live on forever,
And maybe when your time is close and at hand,
I will be there waiting to give a helping hand.

40 – Out of Despair

Out of the depths of despair,
The light will shine bright,
It’s light will guide you with renewed sight,
Out of the darkness and into the light.

Realise your potential and do what’s right.
The darkest of moments is often the worst,
The time that we wonder what we should do first,
Whether to go forwards or back on our tracks,
Maybe start walking or watching our backs,
Whatever you choose, be sure of the facts.

Life has a rhythm, a feeling and taste,
Of hope, love and memories that we can trace,
A path to the past, the one we thought was a waste,
But when you realise that life is not a big race,
Then maybe, just maybe we’ll understand what we must face.

Many a time, comes and goes in your life,
Where everything you do means nothing but strife,
Then look in to the sky,
To raise up your prayers and sigh,
To our God looking down on us from up on high.

Take what you will, from this existence we lead,
That someone out there has intentions other than greed,
Trying to help us from unseen realms,
Looking out for us all, whilst lighting the way,
With hopes and aspirations that ease the fray.

This is the rhythm of life that we know,
Of ups and downs and times of woe,
Of seemingly irrelevant paths we tread,
To all the things that were done and said,
Life is yours to live, so do it well.

41 – Ode to a Memory

A single moment within a single sound,
A drop of water held in your hand,
A glint of light within a grain of sand,
A leaf frozen in mid flight to the ground,
Silence or noise, things sometimes happen without a plan.

I live again both in spirit and your heart,
Always remembered will never be forgotten,
I will be close in your hearts but never near,
Always seen in the drop of a tear,
Held in the memories of those that I leave.

I lived close to those dearest to me,
Now I am with the one I wanted to see,
The one who was taken so long ago,
I am with them now, complete and at peace,
I live again.

And as the years move on for yourself and your friends,
Remember me now as I once was,
I shall live in your hearts and your memories of me,
And maybe when your time is close and at hand,
I will be there waiting to give a helping hand.
Remember me well.

42 – The Void

Into the void we will run,
Never thinking,
Always acting,
Behind us it swallows everything of your past,
And then there is the long sleep that will ease your passing,
Bringing you to the heaven of your own making.

Not everything we do will always be so easy,
Some will cost us dear,
Whilst others will pass us near,
But all will draw something of you into the void,
Until there is nothing left to take but your soul.

43 – Enough

When is enough ever enough,
What will it take to reduce the desire for something,
The need, the hunger that consumes us at every turn,
The fact that nothing is what it seems.

When the world is turning, it wants for nothing,
It turns and turns, on a never ending journey,
The desire for life is all it has,
The transcendental state that keeps us all bound.

When the journey has finished you search for the next experience,
The life that you feel, is this all you need,
What more do you want,
When is enough ever enough.

44 – New Beginnings, Old Endings, It’s The Same Story

The darkness surrounds me like a damp curtain of night,
The emptiness drains my spirit and fills me with fright,
I feel alone and hopeless,
I feel empty and the void is growing,
I feel out of place and not connected,
I feel things are out of my control.

I focus on the one I have loved,
I focus on the things I have been,
I think of the things I wanted to do,
I look within my soul,
Deep within my soul and feel a warmth.

A light flickers in the distance,
Shinning brighter and brighter,
With each heart beat of my whole being,
Its brightness and radiance warm my inner-self,
Its light reaches within and lights the way I must go,
It helps me see the truth, the oh so simple truth,
It helps me make the first step.

The light encircles my being,
It ignites my desires,
It makes me feel together,
It makes me feel at one with all,
It makes me want for nothing,
It makes me complete.

I look at the blinding light and see the way forward,
It draws me towards it beat,
It draws me towards the life that is within,
It helps me forgive,
It helps me look back with love,
It helps me see the beauty all around.

I want for nothing,
I am complete,
I am whole and together,
I am the one I shall be,
I am the miracle that is life,
I shall start again.

I feel the warmth of the sun,
I feel the innocence of the world,
I see that all is simple,
I see the love within all things,
I feel the warmth within the soul,
I see the love of the ones around me.

I am reborn…