Recently I recorded lots of sounds from machines housed at the National Museum of Computing. Listed below are the separate zip files containing the files in MP4 format.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

The 1951 WITCH computer has a very distinct sound. This is main due to the use of many relays in the computer. However, if you get closer, you start to hear other components that also provide interesting soundscapes.

All sounds are recorded as mono 44.1Khz recordings.

You may use these sounds in any project you wish, as long as you credit Dee Roberts as the source.

The Apple ][ computer had a very distinctive disk drive sound. For many years, if a Hollywood film wanted to make a computer sound as though it was reading a disk, this was the sound used. Download it here.

The Turing Welchman BOMBE was essential during the 2nd World War in helping the Allies find thousands of German Military Enigma keys or settings of the day. Download the sound of the Turing Welchman BOMBE here.