Writing Apps

Here I list the most used writing apps on my iPad in order of importance.


Pages, in my opinion happens to be one of the best writing apps for long documents, if you’re using an iPad. With the addition of a good keyboard and mouse, you have an easy to use, no nonsense tool for writing large documents. In fact I have had no problem with documents that hold upwards of 200,000 words. I’ve used Pages as my main writing tool since early 2011.


Xodo is a simple to use PDF document viewer that allows you to store your PDF’s anyway you see fit. It’s better than Apple Books because it doesn’t impose an Apple way of working on you, or try to sell you something. Like PhotoAlbum, it does the job well and has a good interface.


I stumbled upon Wordweb whilst looking for a comprehensive dictionary and this ticks all the boxes. It’s easy to use and well laid out. Give it a try.

Wikipanion Plus (iPad Version)

Wikipedia might not be the font of all knowledge, but when you find a well researched article and want to keep it for later offline reading, Wikipanion Plus is just the ticket.

The Brain Tech

If like me, your brain works in a non linear fashion, then this app is for you. The Brain Tech app allows you to store facts and figures using a dynamic mind map. Very good for organising all sorts of disparate facts.

Printer Pro

Imagine for one minute, you can see the printer, it is on the network but it does not show up in Apple Airprint. Well fret no more, Printer Pro has come to my rescue so many times it has more than paid for itself.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Wordflex Touch Dictionary isn’t just another dictionary, it’s a dictionary with a twist. Using a similar interface to The Brain, this software allows you to browse words in a way you never knew you wanted to. High educational, as well as being useful for finding those difficult to think of words.